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For an inside look at our 2018 SARE Farmer Grant  project, click HERE.


MOFGA ORGANIC CERTIFIED Milking Shares possible on Wednesday, Thursday, or weekends; Learn goat care and jump in for the rest of the season! Our CSA Dairy Goat Lease Group shares milk from fresh greenery of woods and pasture (we feed no grain).  Most group members claim 2-3 milkings /week.  I will average milk amounts of our top 4 does from the previous week,  to give members equal shares. 



Graycilla's Goat KID/S due JULY 5.

Muscovies just hatching, a week late, under 2 moms!!! (May 14)   (All babies for sale this year). 


Nosenia, our 2nd hog, loves peach leaves, shaken down.

*Now Scheduling Bracken Root's camping trips to Your Farm.
We started our Hog Rental Service in earnest in spring 2016.   Bracken Root, our American Guinea sow, is 3 years old, probably 140 lbs, intestinal parasite free, and 8" high 2 wire fence trained, affectionate and easy-going.  He loves belly rubs.  We will deliver and set up fence, then pick up/take down for $35 or trade plus $.50/mile. 

Woodland Medicines are custom harvested on our daily browse walks, preferably accompanied by the person seeking the medicine.  Turkey Tail fungi, Usnea lichen, Witch Hazel leaves, Gold Thread plants with roots, Baneberry roots, Club moss, Balsam Poplar buds, White Birch inner bark, Yellow Birch bark and leaves, Japanese Knotweed leaves, Hemlock needles, and Cedar fronds are some of the offerings.  Additionally, wild gardens provide Evening Primrose seed, St. John's Wort whole herb or seed to plant,  MotherwortNettles and varied  visiting plants.

Hazel in Witch Hazel


Nut, Fruit, Fodder and Windbreak tree seedlings, graftlings, seed and scions grow in garden beds or wild, needing homes on open ground in the local community come April or May. 

We have Pear, Apple, Japanese Heartnut, Black Walnut, Shagbark Hickory, Burr Oak, Yellow Birch, Bass- wood, White Ash, Red Oak, Witch Hazel, Cedar, Black Spruce, White Pine seedlings.


Chicks, Guinea Keats, Ducklings, Goslings and Muscovies are raised by their parents in a small mutli-species flock, with the friendly hogs on guard duty if geese are not.  We sell a few young birds out into the community on a variable seasonal schedule.  Poultry sales do not cover our grain bill for the smaller poultry species, but Nosenia subsidizes our purchase of 3/4 ton/yr. of certified organic Emmer oats from Dave Oulette in St. David, ME.  with piglet sales.  This winter I am sprouting these oats, to decrease reliance on supplementing with more expensive organic layer grain mixes, plus have completed new light housing for more poultry to join our geese in their fence moves on pasture this summer. 

Goldie and Solomon’s Buff Toulouse goslings are likely to be due the 2nd week of May.  Gold goslings are female.  I can sex grey goslings by August as young adults.  These are calm, shy geese and though their large size scares hawks away from smaller poultry, white Emben geese would be a better choice if you want  aggressive guards.   

Moch-moch Mocha Duck and Fancy Drake’s grandchildren, mixed European Mallard-derived ducklings , also are likely to be available in May.  More clutches of and ducklings expected later as well.  Ducklings start at $8 each and go up with age/grain fed, to $30/pair sold at a loss.  Trades are welcome.  Years ago, I put eggs from Beau Chemin Farm’s Welsh Harlequin, Khaki Campbell, and Dutch Hookbill flock under a hen who had lost her rooster, to hatch my original pair.  We have white, mocha, and chocolate colored offspring, and beaks are not hooked. Boys all get green heads and blue wing stripes; some white girls get blue wing stripes.  The chickens trained them to go in at night.  
Guinea keats are hatched under geese if they set late enough for the neighbor’s Guinea hens to be laying, or under ducks, or hens if I put the chicken eggs back under her a week later.  We hope to have our own pair of Guineas again; sad mishaps of the neighbor thinking that my lonely boy was trespassing (no, it was a drop-off bird), leading to wing clipping then a predator meal, so that the hen I (well, my chicken hen) hatched for him ran the edge of the pond alone to be with her duckling siblings, so got snatched late this fall, before I thought to put the sow there.  

We have  Muscovy ducks,  thanks to Nick Jackson in Belmont.  Welcome back to the area, Nick and Sarah! The Muskovies are getting along fine with our geese, and hatchlings are due in sync with the other brooding fowl, in May. 

Tree of Life Fruit Tree Service is my name for offering 33 years experience in winter pruning and spring grafting.  I charge $20-$25/hr. depending on proportion of ladder and chainsaw work, versus free climbing with the Wheeler saw, with a $30 minimum unless in Belfast, plus $.50/mile, plus claim the live brush for my goats. 

Instruction is included; I encourage everyone to learn how to tend trees.  We have worthy old orchards throughout Waldo County to prune, plus need to plant young Standards as these old trees were planted by our great grandparents.

I also offer Fodder Tree Development, Research, And Fascination (obsession?), which started in 2010.  Look up Shana Hanson, Primitive Skills, Tree Pollarding, and also YouTube, Shana Hanson.
Shana’s “Togetherness” line of Goat Lingerie (thanks to Katie Savalchak for the name) is sewn from water-proof fade-proof (semen and urine-proof) scraps of colorful awning fabric, with other decorative scraps from your or my collection.  These are custom-sewn items by special order, mostly in winter, for goats near enough for fitting in-person.  $15/hr. plus materials. 
Chastity Coolots have lasted through 2 month periods of continual use without discomfort, disrepair, nor conception.  Tried and proven, but not guaranteed.  A buck may cavort with his favorite old doe safely while servicing the younger girls.

Bunchberry, a big buck
Smaller Kraut needed a second zipper.

Buck Aprons keep a buck’s face and front quarters sweetly clean, and have kept all does present at 3 Streams Farm from being bred, though not guaranteed.  Our apron has proven useful for the months when doelings are fertile but as yet too small; the buck doesn’t have to be lonely while he waits to breed later.

Weaning Bras zip wide open for milking ease.  These have proven useful for a self-nurser off farm, and for establishing bottle feeding at birth on 3 Streams Farm, where does and kids live outdoors together.  These bras will need adjustment and repair if used with an experienced nursing kid.  Bottle feeding allows instant weaning later without separation.

Day Pack has been added to our collection, for carrying hot cider when we (goats, sow and farmer) escort you through our woods to find...

your dream Solstice Tree at the tippy top of a tall fir.  I am cutting tall firs to create sun pockets, for "Air Meadow" regeneration of fodder from lowered tree canopies.


Mostly Wooden Farm-made Hardware can be custom-built to order. 
A pack with 3 half-gallons of milk
Baskets are from 3 Streams Farm materials. 
A two day “Baskets from your Back Yard”
winter  workshop is offered if four people express interest.   

Mangers are of fir and goat-stripped maple, with a birch bark or metal roof.  I made these light-weight and free-standing mangers to move around our outdoor winter yard, spreading hay and manure mulch to the poorer soils.   

My Quansit Frame is 12’ wide x 11’ high, of local softwood strapping.  I can build a similarly 12’ long frame at your place for $260, or much less if you help.  Mileage may apply.  Smaller frames for light-weight moveable animal dwellings are possible. 

Stainless Wire Fence Panels are 20 ft. long, quite light, and is goat-proof when electrically charged.  I’m developing these to last longer than me for general use in our pasture, plus be carriable in the woods, to fence a felled tree for instance.   The wire cost a 1-2 pennies more per ft. than poly-wire.  You are invited to schedule a winter workshop to weave your fence 

Craft Materials grow here at 3 Streams Farm.  You are invited to help gather your materials, for a reduced price or trade.  Elm raffia (inner bark), White Cedar bark strips, White Birch bark of various inner shades, skun Fir poles in many sizes, forked Hardwood props, goat-stripped Red Maple or Apple branchesBeech “star” nut casesSpruce cones, colorful Duck, Guinea and Rooster feathersGoose quills, and dried Black Walnut hulls (for ink with the quills; children’s writing kits available packaged as stocking stuffers) are some but not all of what’s here.

Cashmere from Hazel especially is available in small quantity.

3 Streams Farm is the home base for Belfast Blueberry Cooperative, a fresh market organic wild harvest crew.  In August, we take orders for table quality berries in flats of 15 qts., (abot 24 lbs.).  


3 Streams Farm would like collaboration with or without residency of:
  • Biochemist and soil scientist curious to investigate:
    • Pathways and measurements of toxins from rain and snow through our farm food chains;
    • Effects of toxins from rain and snow on microbial soil life with and without:
    • Fungal wood debris mulch layers;   
    • Bio-char amendment;
    • Beneficial Plant Compounds found in our milk
  • Food Fungi propagator to use:
    • Chipped and bundled hardwood goat brush refuse, trunk logs of felled poplars and red maples, and large branches of oak and ash cut when establishing pollards, all throughout the woodland
  • Olfactory person to distill essential oils and tars outdoors from:
    • fresh green white pine limbs, white cedar cuttings post browse, balsam fir boughs, and yellow birch sticks post-browse
  • Wood craft person to use:
    • Goat-stripped branches, interesting pruned-off tree joints, basketry and cording materials, and fir poles of all sizes
  • Arborist to climb and sculpt the forest canopy with Shana, to become a lush many-layered “air-meadow” of regrowth for animal fodder.

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