Tree Fodder Info + Resources

Reference list:
Reference list 2019

Climate info:

Peter Bane, audio rec. of presentation at Soil and Nutrition Conference Nov. 2019

Heat Planet: Biodiversity, the Solar Interface, and Climate Disruption (Haines 2020)

Solar Energy Dissipation and Temperature Control by Water and Plants (Pokorný et al. 2010)

Wetlands and Forests Regulate Climate via Evapotranspiration (Heslerova et al. 2019)

Huryna, H., & Pokorný, J. (2016). The role of water and vegetation in the distribution of solar energy and local climate: A review. Folia Geobotanica, 51(3), 191-208.

Tree Fodder-related Documents:
Hanson (2020): Lab testing of Stored Winter Tree Leaf Fodders: UVM Mini-grant Final Report

Hanson (2020): Final Report SARE Tree Leaf Fodder 2020

Hanson (2019): Temperate Agroforestry article by Shana

Read (2003) A study of practical pollarding techniques in northern Europe Read, Pollard Tour

Fundación HAZI Fundazioa (2014?) "Notes on pollards; Best practices guide for pollarding"
Basque Pollarding, Gipuzkoa & Navarra, Spain

Garmo (1999) "Mineral content of tree and shrub leaves" Garmo on Leaf Nutrition

Woodland Fodder Annual Calendar Fodder Calendar

Byers (2016) "Tree Medicine from Goat Fodder: Using the Fruits, Barks, and Twigs of Our Labor" Tree Medicine

Servello (2016) Nutritional Ecology of Domestic Goats Using Woodland Forages in Maine - What Research on Wild Herbivores Tells Us Fred's browsing ecology of deer and goats

Austad, Ingvild, Braanaas, Anders, and Haltvik, Marvin (2003). Lauv som ressurs; Ny bruk av gammel kunnskap, English summary Austad et al (2003) Shredded leaf fodders for sheep

Carlsson, Å. (1996) ‘Lövtäkt i Västergötland. Bondedagböckerna berättar’ Informal English translation Carlsson, 1700s-1800s Swedish farmer journals on leaf harvest

Agroforestry in Brazil, sent by Alison Houghton Life in Syntropy

Beeju Poudyal's video of Hima and child Bimarsha cutting tree leaf fodder for their cattle and goats in Nepal Poudyal 2017

Ernst Zurcher, "Chronobiology of Trees and the Fourth Phase of Water" - WATCH HERE

Juan Alvez, presentation for Tree Fodder Seminar 2019: Agro-Forest Ecosystem Studies in Brazil

3 Streams Farm Biochar Method: Open-burn Biochar Workshop (short)

Ned Lightener and Shana on How to Prune Apple Trees: Pruning (old) Apple Trees

Short Climate Video (Jan Pokorný, PhD):

Shana's presentations:
MOFGA Farmer to Farmer 2019 : Extending the "Grazing*" Season; Tree Fodder and other Strategies, 10/4/19.

NOFA NH 2019 Presentation: Tree Leaf Fodder for Livestock and Climate Resilience, NOFA NH Winter Conf. 3/16/19.

NOFA MA Jan. 2019 PowerPoint Tree leaf fodder for Livestock and Climate Resilience MA

Common Ground Fair 2018 Powerpoint "Tree Leaf Tree Leaf Preferences of Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Hogs;"

2015 Maine Primitive Skills School "Tree Pollarding" video with Shana:

"Our Sustenance From Trees; A New Look At An Ancient Solution;" Shana's pre-Tree Fodder Seminar Library Talk, 2016, with pictures inserted by Jenny Johnson:

"Gathering Tree Fodder" by Katia Danilova and Jenny Johnson: * One comment taken out of context, becoming inaccurate, in this. ~Shana

More Videos & Talks on Shana Hanson's Youtube Channel:

Look for:
*Eliza Greenman's Tree Fodder Seminar talk (in many pieces- editing help welcome!)
*Dan Tansky on syruping various tree species
*Shana's Common Ground Fair Leaf Fodder talk (in many pieces; editing help welcome!)
*Green Foliage can Change Climate, parts 1 & 2 ) Sy Schotz and Shana Hanson, 2019
*Ivan Fernandez on Woodland Soils and Atmospheric Depositions, Tree Fodder Seminar 2019
*Moe Martin's Fruit and Nut Mountain, Tree Fodder Seminar 2018
*Many more clips of Tree Fodder Seminar events over the years (help to improve is welcome!) 

Land and Leadership Initiative's recorded webinars:
(Available for FREE -- though if you can afford to pay, please do!)

Case Studies of the Soil Food Web with Dr. Elaine Ingham

The Soil Food Web with Dr. Elaine Ingham

Walter Jehne & Didi Pershouse on the Soil Carbon Sponge: Structure, Function, and Formation

Walter Jehne on Hydrological Cooling and the Soil Sponge

Resiliency From the Ground Up: How Diverse Cover Cropping Can Profit Your Farm and Community with Keith Berns and Didi Pershouse